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For Offices & Large Establishments

At office, on-site alkaline and ionized water solutions by Zoss Water systems provides you, your employees and your visitors, the most economical solution for alkaline and ionized purification.

Zoss Water is a great alternative for supplying large quantities of alkaline ionized water without worrying about keeping bottles in stock. This waste free, nature friendly water system provides, great-tasting Zoss Water for all your office needs

"Eco Friendly Change To Superior Hydration, With Lesser Footprint & Unlimited Supply" 

Zoss Water offers an unlimited alkaline water supply service via its macines

Unlimited Supply

Infinite supply for fresh alkaline and ionized alkaline water for your employees and guests

Zero plastic waste solutions

Protects Environment

Zero plastic solutions helps promote sustainability with lesser carbon footrprints & food miles

No upfront cost, only pay pe litre basis

Zero upfront cost

No capital expenditure, install our machine with an easy pay per usage model

Installation in 1day

Quick & Easy

All the water solutions under one roof with Zoss Water products, whether its a water cooler, waste water treatment, reverse osmosis machine etc. We got it all covered

Zero annual maintenance costs

Zero AMC

Forget the hassles, maintainence of the machines is our responsibility

Alkaline water has several potential health benefits that may benefit employees. Some of these include: Hydration: Alkaline water is said to be more hydrating than regular tap water because it has a higher pH level, which can help neutralize acid in the body. Antioxidant properties: Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants, which can help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Balancing body pH: Alkaline water can help balance the body's pH levels, which can lead to improved overall health. Detoxification: Alkaline water is said to help the body detoxify by neutralizing acid and removing toxins. Improving bone health: Alkaline water is said to help improve bone health by maintaining the body's pH levels, which can help prevent bone loss.

Superior Hydration

Backed by science and supported by doctors across the globe,  ionized alkaline water is the perfect addition to your workplace

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