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Sydney by Zoss Water is the classy option if you want to save that extra counter space and add glitters to your modular kitchen aesthetics, and is one of our most popular product amongst architects and interior designers, sydney can produce upto 4 litres per minute delicious alkaline ionized water, by transforming your tap or purified water.


Sydney can produce 5 multifunctional waters for various purposes, from every day drinking till its super alkaline pH 10 cleaning water, which makes it super easier now to clean off all the pesticides and preservatives from fruits and vegetables, safeguarding your family from chemicals.

Sydney is equipped with a super intelligent Zoss NUC, powered by smart advanced computational electrolysis technology which delivers consistent alkaline pH and antioxidant potential ensuring healthy hydration for your family and helping restore the optimum alkaline state of your body for overall wellness and good health.

Talk to our experts now for more information on how alkaline ionized water can be a life changing addition to your family.

Bold, beautiful, slim, and smart. Sydney will become the apple of your and your neighbour's eye. 

Drink Zoss alkaline ionized water for improved hydration, energy and overall well-being! #zosswater #alkaline #wellness


Multipurpose functions to cook, clean and hydrate yourself much efficiently

The Zoss Alkaline Water Machine is designed to be energy efficient, it features a power saving mode that helps to conserve energy when the machine is not in use. This mode automatically engages when the machine is idle, reducing the power consumption and helping to save on electricity costs. Additionally, the machine is made with high-quality, durable components that are built to last, further reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. Overall, the power saving feature of the Zoss Alkaline Water Machine is a great way to save energy, money and contribute to a greener environment.

Power Savings Mode

All our products are built keeping nature in mind 

Compact and classy desgn of Zoss water ionizers

Sleek and Classy

Beautiful touch faucet with plug & play functionalities

The Zoss Alkaline Water Machine is equipped with an electrode auto cleaning feature that helps to maintain the machine's performance and longevity. This feature automatically cleans the machine's electrodes, which are responsible for producing alkaline water, to remove any buildup of minerals or other impurities. This helps to ensure that the machine continues to produce high-quality alkaline water and prolongs the life of the electrodes. The electrode auto cleaning feature is typically done through a programmed schedule that can be set by the user or it can be done manually when prompted by the machine. This feature not only helps to maintain the machine's performance but also makes it easy to maintain the machine's hygiene.

Auto Cleaning

Auto cleaning at every 50L to further enhance the production of alkaline ionized water

We provide custom design and pre filtes for every installation of our zoss water ionizer

Pre Filtration

With high TDS areas, we help you with customised pre filtration solutions

The Zoss Alkaline Water Machine is also equipped with a filter change reminder feature that alerts the user when it is time to replace the filter. This feature is designed to help ensure that the machine continues to produce high-quality alkaline water and prolong the life of the filter. The filter change reminder feature can be programmed to give reminders based on the water usage, time or a combination of both. This helps the user to keep track of when the filter needs to be changed and ensures that the machine is always operating at peak performance. Additionally, it helps to maintain the hygiene of the machine. Overall, this feature is a great tool for ensuring that the machine is always producing the best possible water and that the filter is always working at its optimal level.

Filter Change Reminders

All our units come builtin with a filter change reminder

This is the perfect product for my compact modular kitchen, along with the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. 

Vijay Mittal

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